Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Swapping Palooza!

I can't think of many things that I love more than Christmas.  I am fighting the urge more than I care to admit to blare my Christmas albums, and curl up next to my nonexistent fire and drink hot cocoa.
We all know what happens when I feel the need to express my love for something...
Like MOVIES, or CANDY.  Oh boy!  What can she possibly have up her sleeve when it comes to CHRISTMAS?!
One day, I was brainstorming ideas of stuff to do with my blog, and I mentioned to Roon that I would like to host my own swap.  Of course, anything I do can't be normal, so it has to have a twist.  So I came up with a fun swap, and then reality hit me. 
Less than 50 followers. 
In fact, at that point, it might have been less than 40.
No, blogging has never been about numbers for me, but how do you pull off a successful swap when you have only about 12 people who actually read you on a regular basis?
I submit that it would be very difficult.
So, I filed it in my "Someday" folder, and went merrily on my way.
One day I was texting one of my very favorite people.
She happened to ask me if I had ever thought about hosting my own swap.
I shared my idea with her, and she loved it!  But there was a snag. 
An inconvenience, if you will.
My idea was BIG and involved the Holiday season.  Would anyone have time or interest in a swap so close to Christmas?
So, we put our heads together, and came up with a plan.
2 swaps.  Something for everyone!
1 small and simple, 1 bigger and more involved. 
BOTH to lift your Holiday spirits.
Today, we are announcing the first of the TWO swaps!  You can participate in one or both of them...whatever you have time, interest, or finances for. 
The first swap will be hosted by the fabulous Evelyn, over at Hanging by a Silver Lining.  The second will be hosted by me, even though we'll each have our hands in both swaps. 
The first swap is a simple, yet completely fun, ORNAMENT SWAP! 
To read the nitty gritty details, head over HERE and leave a comment. 
THEN...send an email to Evelyn at hangingsilver@gmail.com with all your details. 
After you ship your ornament to your partner on November 20th, come back here and read all the details of the BIG swap. 
You all know it is physically  impossible for me to do anything without a twist, right?
The BIG swap is full of 'em. 
Okay, not FULL of them.  But it has one or two.
BUT WAIT!!!  Since Evelyn and I were separated at birth, and SHE can't do anything simple either, the ornament swap is ALSO a contest! 
Yes, you read that right.  A CONTEST!
Be clever, be creative, be unique.  Whatever you would normally think to do.
The top 3 ornament senders (in our opinion) will win a special prize from us. 
Cool, right?
All you have to do is send something awesome, and you might get some extra good mail, just for being you!
You have until Friday, November 12th to sign up. 
But go do it now.
You'll thank me later. 


Myya said...

You totally stole the ornament swap idea out of my head! I talked to Macey about this a couple months ago. How funny. Well I guess the good thing is is that now I don't have to host. YAY!

aubrey said...

Awesome! Good idea!

Shawn said...

I skimmed this, honestly because I think I may start bleeding from the eye balls at any moment. I will come back tomorrow and read it throughly but in the mean time here's what I did a few years back.

We collected $20, I think, from each participant {they were all local} in addition to the @20 you were assigned a swap partner. The money went to a local family in need and you gave and received a great Christmas gift. It was wonderful to bless a family in need! I got the idea from someone who did this on her blog, it was my first swap and it was fantastic! Pink Christmas I think?

Off to bed!

Lisa said...

I'm so excited to swap!!! :) It's gonna be great!

Erinsgobragh said...

I would so LOVE to do this but can't right now. Maybe next year! Sorry :(

MiMi said...

This is very intriguing and SLIGHTLY frightening to me....

shortmama said...

Im in! Will head over there!

Mamarazzi said...

oh i wanna play, i will head over to Evelyn's place and get all the details turned in!

Sarahie said...

I'm super excited to be involved in my first swap and even more excited to be your partner and get to know you!