Monday, April 12, 2010

NOT Just Another Manic Monday

Today has been an absolute fantabulous day! Today is my birthday, and I have been overwhelmed by awesomeness. Besides the fact that my allergies seem to have morphed into some sort of mutant cold thing, this day has been absolutely perfect! Roon took the entire day off, instead of the half day he was planning on, since I'm under the weather, which means that I have had no parental responsibilities that I didn't want to have today. Diapers? I DON'T THINK SO!!! Roon took me out to lunch (of course we had Bug and Boo in tow) and when we got home I had not 1, but 2 packages of birthday awesomeness waiting on my doorstep. I got a birthday present from my dad (an awesome rice steamer, that I plan to use, as soon as I have rice that isn't instant in the house. I know, I'm totally lame to still use instant rice...but dangit, it's easy!) and my spring swap package from the awesome and fantastic Mamarazzi!

Here is my package of spring goodness! (Yes, the card says "Sami". Once my blog redesign is done, it will be what I go by, because it is my (nick)name. People were starting to think my parents were hippies, or something, naming me "Symply" so I've decided to change it. Hope this doesn't blow your mind too bad!) I realized after I opened it, that I should probably wait to open the contents after the kids woke up/got home from school, so I had to wait a whole 30 minutes. Restraint, I tell ya...

First there was a note, explaining her view on spring. I love that it was handwritten! My handwriting is pretty much illegible, so I never handwrite anything. A very nice touch, I do think!
Each gift had a litttle card attached. The outside of the card said "Spring is" and the inside, gave a short explanation of what the item made her think of about spring. Here's what I got...


...Sidewalk games in the sunshine!

(Please ignore the narly look on my face. I was reacting to the kids absolute jubilation, at the sight of this 3D sidewalk chalk!)

...For playing outside, and enjoying the longer days with the kids!

(Roon had a great time trying to teach the kids how to play with these Jacks. I think it was mostly because it had been so long since either of us had played them...)

...When baseball season begins...this means ballpark food!

This was a package of Cracker Jacks. I love Cracker Jacks, especially at a baseball game! I don't have a picture of this unwrapped, because while editing the pictures, we realized the Bug wasn't wearing any pants. No underpants either. He was going commando, and showing all you bloggy friends his business. In an effort to keep this a G rated blog, I opted to keep his junk private.
You are welcome.

...allergy and cold season (ain't that the truth!) This will help keep the germies away.
(all the kids just HAD to smell the vanilla scented hand sanitizer. Perfect size for the purse, and since they like the way it smells, maybe they won't fight me about using it!)

...when our little friends come out of hibernation, and fill the night w/ their songs.
These are the most adorable little frog figurines! My kids were fascinated with them, which means they will earn a prime spot in the china cabinet, until my kids are old enough not to break them.

...for spring cleaning. These will make it a breeze!
Why another narly face?! I'm trying to look surprised, and it kinda came off looking dorky. You see, I sent Mamarazzi some of these too! Great minds think alike...or so I've been told!

...when we start getting ready for swim suit season-YIKES!
Boy...I'LL SAY! I've always wanted to try these special K bars, but worried they would taste like "diet food". I haven't tried them yet, but they sure don't look like diet food!
There were two more packages, whose pictures were deleted due to partial nudity. Their clues were:
...for getting down and dirty, so pretty things can grow!
(This was a pair of gardening gloves, and some flower seeds, which I very much needed. I just hope I don't kill 'em! I have a special talent for that...)
... when those little surprises pop up in our yard.
This was the cutest little garden sign that says "I don't remember planting this". Too true in my "garden"! The only things that live, are the weeds!
And finally, here's a shot of everything all together.

Totally awesome, if I do say so myself!
Thanks so much Mamarazzi for being a fantastic swap partner, and awesome bloggy friend for life! If you want to see what I sent her, head on over here.
To check in with the rest of the spring swappy group, and blog jog to see who got what from whom...go visit ShortMama here. Thanks so much for hosting! You rock the block!
Oh! And how old am I? If you promise not to laugh, I'll tell you that I am 29 today. People are usually shocked to hear how "young" I am, because I act older apparently. I think you can tell from my blog, that I am most definitely NOT a grown up. Here's to the best year in my twenties yet!


Mamarazzi said...

i almost died laughing about your little guy going commando and showing off his junk for the entire blogsphere. H-I-L-A-R-I-O-U-S!

i am glad you enjoyed the package, it was fun to gather springy goodness for you.

the package you sent me is beyond amazing...i can't think of ever seeing abetter swap package. this swap stuff is right up your ally!!

and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! i just updated my blog to add that and a link to this post!!

CJ Sime said...

Ha ha People tell you that you act older. I only have a small glimpse of you and your personality and I know you and I would get along and I am SUPER IMMATURE. You are totally making up that people say you act older.

I love your surprised face.

I am posting my package tomorrow.

Happy Happy Happy Birthday!

shortmama said...

Im so glad that you and Mamarazzi hit it off so well! You both gave each other amazing packages! Happy 29th birthday you youngin'!!

Kerianne said...

Fun package! Your kiddos will love that 3D Chalk! It's loads of fun!

Myya said...

Great stuff!!! I loved your deletion of pictures because of nudity... ha ha ha that totally cracks me up! You rocked your first swap - I LOVE the stuff you got for Mamarazzi... ya whatevva you totally are showing us newbies up - teacher's pet! :)
Happy Birthday to you!

varunner said...

Happy belated bday! That is too funny about the nudity. LOL! You got some great stuff. I don't think I've had Cracker Jacks in about 20 years. Seriously. Now I must go get some.

handbags*n*pigtails said... your sons freedom in front of the camera!:) Looks like you got a great package from your swap partner. This was a ton of fun!
And Happy belated birthday! I turn 30 in a week and a half...Im trying to cope.:)

April E. :) said...

Wow!! Great package!!! This was just too fun!

Cara Smith said...

Those little frogs are super cute!

Leave it to the boys to run around son strips the second he gets in the door.

MiMi said...

You got great stuff! I saw what you got Mamarazzi and it's amazing too! :)
I think it's hilarious you both got Mr Clean stuff. :P
Little boys being commando is a regular thing here.

Evelyn Perkins said...

I love how you have pics of yourself enjoying the opening process! What a great idea! Everyone is drooling over the package you sent! Way to swap!

Kelley said...

What fun! Looks like you got a great box... swaps rule!

Have a great weekend.