Tuesday, April 27, 2010

A Few Laps- For Life

Please excuse the poor picture quality, I am a slacker, that rarely remembers to take my camera anywhere, so I took this with my phone. 

Friday night I participated in Relay For Life.   Unfortunately, Mother Nature had other plans for us.  The evening was beautiful, but slowly and surely, the lightening began to flash in the distance.  The organizers of the event decided that to protect everyone's safety, they would "call" the event at midnight.  If you recall, my walking time wasn't until 3 in the morning.  So, with the exception of 3 laps, my rear did most of my relay-ing. 

Although the actual walking part was a bust, I had a great experience, and was able to raise more money than I had ever hoped to raise. 

Maybe next year, I'll actually get to "relay". 

I love you Grandma and Grandpa!


MiMi said...

The important thing is that you were there and had the right spirit behind it!

shortmama said...

Bummer that the weather didnt cooperate but such a great cause!

Myya said...

Bummer! The overnight thing is so fun! What a wonderful thing to be out there & showing your support for. :)