Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Bug x 4

April 18, 2006.  That was supposed to be the day.  That was supposed to be the day that Roon and I would get our tie-breaker.  We would finally be outnumbered.  Instead, the hospital called the day before my scheduled induction day and bumped me.  If you have ever been a VERY pregnant woman, the last thing you want to hear, is that they are sentencing you to even one more minute of being pregnant.  Lucky for them, and my husband, they were only bumping me to the next day.
Bug was the only child we opted to be surprised about.  We waited patiently, knowing that we already had clothes for both sexes.  We picked names for both a boy and a girl, and made mental notes of "coming home" outfits for either gender, so Roon could run out and buy one as soon as the baby was born.  Roon was sure the baby was a boy, I was sure it was a girl, and very seldom am I wrong.
The 19th finally arrived, and Roon and I left Sissy and Bubble with friends, and headed to the hospital.  Imagining the dramatic delivery room moment you only see in movies, with the doctor declaring the sex in a grand official gesture, the labor went smoothly.  However, I suppose that could also be because of  the Pitocin, and cardiologist mandated epidural. 
After about 6 hours of listening to the woman in the next room screaming out in agony, Bug was born through "assisted delivery" because, I'm a freak of nature.  My doctor, who apparently didn't realize that we didn't already know the sex, neglected to declare the information.  Still up in the stirrups, I'm struggling to see between the legs of the screaming creature laying on my chest.  Finally, I yell above the noise..."what is it?!"
Completely unlike me, my doctor's sarcasm went right over my head when he said "it's a girl". 
My doctor was an idiot. 


Needless to say, we found out in advance that Boo was a girl.  Call me jaded, because I am.


MiMi said...

What's an "assisted delivery"?
I listened to the woman scream in the room next door to me too.
I actually told the nurse to tell her to shut up.
Then the nurse laughed.
Then I said, "Fine, help me out of this here bed and I'LL tell her to shut up.
Then when I was pushing I paused to ask if the chick had an epidural.
Dr. says she did.
I'm like, "WHY was she screaming?"
Dr was like, "Well, some women think you have to scream."
I remember after Kolton came out (that sounds weird) I said, Okay, now let me go slap her.
That has nothing to do with your story. Sorry.
Have a happy birthday Bug!!!
Now. What are you gonna get from the Doodle Monster?
AND, you should put your Etsy up here.

Myya said...

Happy Birthday Bug. Ummm yeah, your doctor is an idiot! I would have been jaded & found out with Boo too. I found out with all 3 of mine... I couldn't wait. We did pull a prank on my family & told them we didn't find out with the last one... you know just to mess with them. We held it in for almost 2 weeks. ha ha ha. Oh & with the 1st & 2nd even though they said girl I didn't believe them... I had a good 5+ ultrasounds with each but I still thought boy... I guess I'm an idiot too : )

Emmy said...

I found out with mine as I couldn't wait either, so impatient :)

And yes your doctor is not very funny.
The first picture is so cute!

My family is soon going to be like that (just switch the gender of the older two) ;) So weird...

And you are not a freak of nature, you are special just like me :)

shortmama said...

I went through the same thing with both my girls. I didnt opt not to find out though, they both just thought it was fun to cross their legs during the ultrasound. And both times I was laying there wondering what on earth I just had and had to ask "what is it!?" My Drs and nurses didnt try to be funny though

VandyJ said...

We found out at the ultrasound with Turbo but I was not sure they were right. I had heard too many stories about people who were told boy and got girls and vise versa. I really wanted to be sure he was a boy when he came out. No one said anything at first--that is my one main memory about when he came. What was he?

CJ Sime said...

I guess you would have had to be there but I think the Dr. sounds kind of funny. :o)

YAY! For babies!!!! Hope he had a good birthday.