Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Pink Paradise!


I wish I could say that this post is so late because the snow delayed my package, or because I had some fabulous excuse, but I can't.  Basically, I misplaced my camera.  Simple as that. 

I was partnered with the FABULOUS Leah, from "The Dog's a Boy Too", and I have loved getting to know her and her sweet little gentlemen.  Seriously, I just want to squish Benji's chubby cheeks, so it's too bad she lives all the way in Florida.


My package arrived LAST Monday!  I could hardly wait to dive into all the pink awesomeness!

First, a glimpse of what it looked like in the box:

Make a note of the green and pink things off to the left hand side of the box.  They were paper hearts filled with M&M's for the kids, and they were commandeered and destroyed seconds after this picture was taken. 
So what did I get???

Well, I'm glad you asked!

2 pink boas (that I am currently hiding from Sissy and Boo.  I imagine a flury of feathers would be inevitable with those two.)
A notepad
A candle (Which smells SOOOO GOOD)
Some chocolate (Yes, the bag is open...can you blame me?!)
Individual juice packets (Roon loves these things, so I may have to hide them until I can try them first)
A cute frame (Which I JUST realized, you can't see the cutest part...an adorable pink flower that will make this frame PERFECT for a picture of me and my little ladies!)
Some seasonal kitchen towels
Pedicure set and nail polish
A big "C" (No, it's not pink, but she wanted it to match my decor.  I know exactly where to put it too!)
And finally...PINK pancake mix!  Made these for the kids for Valentine's Day, and the girls loved them!  The boys, acted like they were made out of shards of glass, and refused the vile offerings. 

Boys are weird.

Thanks so much Leah!  I loved everything, especially making a new friend!

Also, thanks so much Mamarazzi for hosting yet another awesome swap!  Love ya, girl!


VandyJ said...

Looks like you made out like a bandit. Awesome swap stuff!

Macey said...

Aww! Great stuff!! I got that same chocolate too! Uh.May.Zing! :)

Jen said...

Awesome package! Mmmm... Dove!

Debra Hawkins said...

OOooo, what an awesome package! Those Dove chocolates look delicious, hope you don't have to share. :)

Megan Harmeyer said...

Yes, boys *are* weird! LOL Great swap package! Glad you found your camera. :)

Unknown said...

Hahha... boys are funny. I'll remember their aversion to pink next time I feed them (insert evil laugh here).

Emmy said...

Cute stuff! Lucas would have ate the pink pancakes.. just a little over a year ago, pink was his favorite color. :)

Anonymous said...

What a great package!!

I do love the frame as well, even though I can't see the other part of it! And the chocolate ... of course it would be open! Those that think otherwise are out of control!

(and I took a peak at her blog and oh my goodnes ... those cheeks!)

Shawn said...

What will you do with those pink boa feathers? I heard BB&B has a very dark parking lot!

I kill myself!

Greta stuff and I love those towels, I didn't see those!

Another Florida blogger....I'm off to check her out!

Impulsive Addict said...

Shawn can't spell. She kinda sucks at it.

I LOVE your swap gift! I'm off to see what you got her!

I'm glad you found your camera. That's a HUGE crisis!

Amy said...

What a lucky lady you are! Swaps are so much fun! And I love the idea for a pink swap. Darling.

Myya said...

Great goodies! Shawn cracked me up... BB&B... what a naughty girl!

Mamarazzi said...

LOL shards of glass...boys ARE weird.

looks like a fantastic pinktastic packages!!

Mamarazzi said...

OH and i love you back chickie!

Erin said...

OOOO So cool! I want a box of pink things!

Xazmin said...

What fabulously fun, PINK stuff! I love pink!

Unknown said...

Looks like you got a great stash. :) It was closed by the time I found out about it. Looks like a lot of FUN things. :)