Wednesday, February 16, 2011

I Lie Like a Rug

So, I've seen a lot of you participating in various Memes lately, all centered around the same general premise.  To lie.

Now, I have not done very well at guessing everyone's lies thus far, and I have never been known to lie well, but I was still super excited to participate.

But nobody would tag me!  Yeah, that's right.  Ya'll know who you are...

Luckily, Vivienne took pity on me, and I was finally tagged!  YAY for me!

So here are my 5 truths and a lie.  Try to see if you can figure out which one is NOT true.
  1. As a "tween" I once peed my pants in public.
  2. After graduating high school, I went to a party.  At said party, I drank what I THOUGHT was only orange juice.  Turns out, it was actually a "screwdriver". 
  3. I was kicked off a plane for being a threat to security.
  4. I have a hicky on my neck.
  5. I started writing a mystery series with a friend in 6th grade, and have seriously considered picking it back up.
  6. I once got in trouble for drawing a pornographic picture. 
Which one is the lie???  Leave your guess in the comments.  I'll reveal the answers throughout the rest of the week.

Thanks, Viv!  This was fun!


Shawn said...

Seriously! I have no freaking idea!

I can totally understand #1, it happens to me all of the time.

#2...not so sure, you had to have tasted the vodka!

#3...Unless someone was threatening your children I can never see you doing anything bad enough to be kicked off of a plane for but it's just bizarre enough to be true.

#4...from who? EWWW!

#5 I can see that you have killer writing skills!

#6....what? When you were 6 and didn't know what it was?

I'm stuck but if I have to guess I'll say #4

Vivienne said...

I think #2 is a lie and that you TOTALLY KNEW it was a screwdriver! I'm kidding. I don't believe that you have a hickey.

Amy said...

I am going to guess it is the porno one. You are too funny. What an adventurous life you have lived!

MiMi said...

No hickey. That's all I can think of.
But you HAD to have tasted the vodka....weird.

Lisa said...

I'm thinking it's #3! But they all are pretty great!! Good job! :)

jennykate77 said...

You do NOT have a hicky on your neck...or do you?! Was that your Valentine's Day "gift"??

Maybe #3? I can't imagine you being a threat to anybody.

Xazmin said...

I think number 6. But I really have no idea!

I think Viv tagged me too...just haven't been over to check yet!

Brooks said...

I'm not going to guess, as I am your sister and that would be unfair. Good choices though... brought back some deeply suppressed memories. Thanks for that.

Emmy said...

Wow these are hard. The hickey just seems to obvious so I think it is true but am guessing it wasn't caused by a person but something that happened. Um the drink one just to guess though they all seem like they could be true

Myya said...

This is hard! I thought you said you don't lie well? ok ok I am going to guess the threat to the plane is a lie. No wait I change my mind, I say the hickey is a lie. I believe that you might have one but if you do my guess us that it was not from your hubby... maybe you burnt yourself with a curling iron. lol

Sarahie said...

I'm going to guess the hickey one. Because the rest sound like they have really good stories behind them, and I don't really want to hear the hickey story (no offence). =)

Anonymous said...

I'm going to go ahead and say the hickey ... has to be!

Mamarazzi said...

1. happens to all of us.

2. boozer.

3. you DO look a little shady.

4. slut.

5. i can see you doing that. nerd.

6. was it boobs or a penis? or both?

i am thinking it is are way too classy for that!

Impulsive Addict said...

You don't drink so I'm not buying that screwdriver business.

Are you white trash enough to have a hicky on your neck? Oh please say this is true! But my instincts tell me it's a lie.