Monday, April 4, 2011

Symfully Sweet RETURNS!

I know you won't believe this, but I really tried to get this posted on Friday. 

BUT, my internet wasn't working. 

Luckily, Roon was going to come home a little early, so I had him fiddle with the computer/router garbage. 

You know what was wrong with it?

The WiFi was turned off on the laptop.

That was ALL that was wrong with it!  All I would have had to do, is push a stupid button!

Have I mentioned I'm not very tech savvy?

Okay, so moving on...
Have y'all missed Symfully Sweet?
Did you even know it was missing?
Probably not.

Okay, well it WAS missing, and I apologize for those of you who were really looking forward to it. 

If you have absolutely no idea what the dickens I'm talking about, click on the "Symfully Sweet Saturday" tab, and read all about it. 

So, what candy did I think would be absolutely perfect for the April Mission???


Now, just to be clear, I do NOT like Peeps.  I don't.  I think they're gross.  BUT, when I think about Easter, I think about Peeps. 

If you dislike Peeps as much as I do, remember you DON'T have to use the actual candy for your project.  Use them as inspiration for a project, instead. 

Answers to a few anticipated questions:
  • YES you can use the Peep bunnies instead of the Peep chicks, if you feel so inclined.
  • NO, I don't care what color Peeps you choose.  They all taste the same...
  • YES, you can use the new Peeps that are partially or completely covered in chocolate.
  • YES, you can use plain old marshmallows to replace peeps, if you also use the crystal sugar sprinkles, to complete the "essence" of the Peep.
If you have any more questions, just ask me.  I promise, I don't bite!

Linking will open on April 30th.  If you keep track, Xazmin's "Mod Podge Mania" will be linking that day too.  If you do a project containing BOTH Peeps AND Mod Podge, you can kill two chicks with one stone...

You may recall that I never posted my project for December's Symfully Sweet.  The mission was "Candy Canes".  If you did a project for December, you can link it up with April's projects, and will be judged separately from the April projects. 

Good luck on your projects!  I can't wait to see what you come up with!


MiMi said...

Yay for peeeeeeeeps!!!!
I've missed it!
And, I've done that with the wifi button.
Also, are you doing the Vlog tomorrow???

Xazmin said...


I totally spaced MPM for March. Awesome, huh? MPM project won't work for Symfully Sweet...I may need to re-think.

Megan Harmeyer said...

This sounds like a lot of fun. I think I'm going to get in on this action!

aubrey said...

Hmmmm... it's actually a candy I like this time AND I have an idea... how's that for amazing?

Bridget said...

Gonna have to get my thinking cap on with this one, but it sounds like fcn and there should be some really cute ideas!

Amy said...

By the way, I have missed you. Glad to see you are back.

I am swearing off sugar for the time being, so I am going to have to pass on this, but it is good to see you posting again!

Impulsive Addict said...

YES! I did a candy cane project in December!! It was Emma Kate's first birthday party! I forgot that I submitted pictures, didn't I? So you didn't judge in December? SLACKER.

I'm not a peeps fan either. What's the big deal? YUCK.

Emmy said...

Yeah! I dont like them either- just fun to blow up in the microwave is all

Garden of Egan said...

I came over from EmmyMom. I hate Peeps too, but I love playing with them.
My post today features a craft I did in about 10 minutes.
I didn't come up with the idea, but I sure fell in love with it.

I can tell I am going to enjoy your site.

Myya said...

I used to hate Peeps like forever I hated them & then randomly a couple years ago I all the sudden I kinda like them. Weird right! LOOOVE the look of the Peeps they totally scream SPRING!!! :)

Erinsgobragh said...

Gosh I can't remember the last time I had a peep lol.

shortmama said...

ewwwwwww Peeps are NASTY! Im gonna rack my brain though and see what I can come up with...hmmmmm

Good to see a post from you friend!

Lisa said...

Yay for being back! I have an awesome idea... even my kids are stoked! :)

Trooper Thorn said...

Funny how important "On" can be