Friday, April 8, 2011

Because De-Whiskering Kittens is Inhumane...

This, I tell ya, is the little blog post that could.
Let's just say that my laptop has been experiencing more than it's share of "user errors" lately, and's not Roon who has suddenly become computer illiterate. 

At least I have a computer guru as a husband, who can fix all my technological faux pas.




About 4 days ago.  (hanging my head in SHAME!)

I was partnered with the completely hilarious Jessica from Duck Duck Cow.  Right off the bat, I knew she and I were destined to be friends, because, well...all awesome people tend to travel in the same herd, right?

Alright, onto the loot!  Please excuse the picture quality.  They were taken with my phone, by a complete photography

The first thing I saw when I opened my package was this:

In case you can't read that, is says:  "Quick!  Give this to your kids so that you can open your package in PEACE!"  This girl thought of EVERYTHING!

Under that, Were all my goodies, lovingly wrapped in wrapping paper and ribbon:

It doesn't happen very often, but I got to open my ENTIRE package MYSELF!  Which means, I also got a picture of EVERYTHING all laid out, but first I'll start with some highlights...

Yes, you read that fuzzy picture right.  That is a GLAZED DONUT scented candle.  Since it smelled so good that I almost licked it, I am keeping it up high, so that Boo doesn't get any ideas.

I think I may be the only person on the face of the planet that has NEVER tried these things.  I know they're "all the rage", but I've never been one to give into peer pressure.  UNTIL NOW!!!  YUM!

I laughed hysterically when I saw this!  I don't know if you can see from the picture, but that soap has GLITTER on it!  I haven't mentioned this to Jessica yet, but I think she was inspired to send this to get the werewolf stink off me.  That's right...I'm a Jacob girl.  BUT this soap smells SO good, I'm willing to make an exception.

Here's a rundown of everything I got, in no particular order.
  1. FUNYUNS!  (These didn't stand a chance of survival in my house.)
  2. Glazed donut candle.
  3. Cadbury mini eggs
  4. Halloween cupcake liners
  5. CD of Jessica's favorite tunes.
  6. Nail polish, with the CUTEST tiny little bunny toe separators EVER!
  7. Gum.
  8. Pens
  9. Tide to Go (Sissy LOVES this stuff.  SHE insists we keep it on hand always)
  10. Cow magnet (SUPER cute!)
  11. Beetlejuice, the movie.  (WOW!  Blast from the past!)
  12. Flower shaped ice cube trays.
  13. Edward Soap and soapdish.
  14. Makeup bag, complete with a full set of samples from CLINIQUE!  (I'd never tried Clinique before, but I've already tried some of it, and I LOVE it!)
This was an awesome swap!  Thanks so much, Jessica, for making it so!  Also, thanks to Mamarazzi for hosting, and for keeping everything running so smoothly!


Megan Harmeyer said...

OMGosh look at all that great stuff! I love the mini eggs - I can eat an entire bag by. myself. LOL That soap is awesome (I'm more of a Jacob girl myself). Great swap!

VandyJ said...

Love seeing what people got--you got some awesome stuff!

aubrey said...

Awesome! Love the soap, that is hysterical.

MiMi said...

Aw, that package looks GREAT!! Jealous!
Hey, Love the title of the post by the way. I lol'd for real.

Emmy said...

I didn't know you were a Jacob girl... sigh. It's Edward for me.
And she is a genius with the candy on top for the kids! So smart!
Great package. Sorry you have been having computer trouble.

Bridget said...

What a great swap package, and kudos on the "diversion" for the kids so you could open it by yourself ;)

I'm dying to smell that candle, it sounds like it smells awesome!

Shawn said...

Another fabulous package! I haven't had Funyuns in probably 20 years!

I love the ice cube tray, jello mold, frozen pudding pops oh how fun!

Now I want to play a game of duck, duck, I mean cow.

Anonymous said...

You're not the only one! I've never had them either! Such wonderful gifts you both have swapped with one another!

By the way, the title to this post is quite fantastic!

Myya said...

Am I am idiot because I don't really "get" the blog title???

Fan-freakin-tastic idea about the M&M's to hand off to the kids so you can open the package yourself. Smart gal!!!

Funyuns... LOOVE!
Cadburry Mini Eggs... My FAV!!!
Glazed Donut Candle... yeah I would have totally licked it!

Sami, you are so awesome at giving great things to people that I LOVE that you got a great packsge. YAY!

Jessica G. said...

I'm so glad that you liked it! (I learned the candy-on-top trick from a previous partner and have tried to do the same for other mom partners.)

I thought those bunny separators were the cutest things ever. :)

shortmama said...

Now thats a great package! I so want to smell that candle!

Janna said...

FUN package!!

Mamarazzi said...

YAY!! i love what she sent you and i love that you guys are friends now! i knew you needed to know each other.

love the M&M idea...funny!