Tuesday, December 14, 2010

You're Gonna Have to Trust Me...

Is anyone else getting tired of me and my big ideas?
Roon is!

Okay, Roon isn't TIRED of my big ideas, but every time I say "Hey!  I just had the BEST idea!", his knee-jerk reaction is to ask "how much is THIS going to cost me?".

Imagine his relief when I could say (without laughing) "only as much as a swap package".

That's right, I said the "S" word.  Don't freak out.

You may have been noticing my subtle hints about an "innovative idea", and the fact that I've been brainstorming, and figured that it was just Sami, coming up with yet another contest for her blog.  But it's not.  It's for a swap!

But, I can't give you details. 

Does that seem creepy?  I'll try to explain why.

I was accused of not being original with my 12 days of Christmas swap.  I searched until my fingers were tired of clicking and scrolling, and never did find another swap like it, but I was told it had been done before. 


That's not going to stop me from doing it again next year, so have no fear!
I must admit that arranging a gift exchange at Christmas wasn't exactly reinventing the wheel, so I'm not surprised it had been done before, really.

By now, you have to know that I take pride in NOT doing things like everyone else.  So, I had an idea.  And then, I did my research.  2 weeks of searching have failed to produce an identical idea.  I shared the idea with a blogger or two who have been doing this longer than me, and they had never heard of such a thing, either.

So, I'm doing it. 

But I can't tell you what IT is.

Here's what I CAN tell you.

-  By signing up, you are agreeing to RECEIVE one swap package, and to SEND one swap package. 
-  You will be given AT LEAST 2 weeks notice, before you need to send your package.
-  There will be a $40 limit on the package you send BEFORE shipping. 

Is that cryptic enough for you?

I cannot tell you what time of year the swap will happen, nor can I tell you the theme. 

But I CAN tell you that it's going to be awesome.  Seriously.  Have I ever steered you wrong before???

For everyone who might be freaking out that the 12 days aren't even up yet...don't worry!  I can assure you that you will have PLENTY of time to recover from the 12 days before you have to worry about this one.  I can also assure you, that this swap will NOT interfere with any of the regular swaps you would expect to see throughout the year. 

So, who's up for a little leap of faith?! 

Who can play?
- It's open to U.S. residents only.  Sorry!  If you're an "international" shoot me an email.  I may be able to make an exception for you.  (Canadians, for example, eh)
-Due to the nature of this swap, private bloggers make it tricky.  If you're a private blogger, shoot me an email, and I'll see what I can do. 
-Active(ish) blogging is essential!  I'm not saying you have to post X number of times in a week to play.  HOWEVER, if you only post 1-2 times a week, and half of those posts are recipes and reviews...it won't work so well.  I need to know what's actually going on with you, learn who you are, and your partner does too!  You know if you'd consider yourself "active".  But, just to clarify, 1 real post a week is probably the bare minimum requirement. 

If you have adult content on your blog, I'm sorry to say that you do not qualify.  I'm all for free speech, but since space is limited, I would prefer not to be visually assaulted by overly foul language or "icky" content.  After all, half of my kids can read, and they love to do so over my shoulder...

Registration is open NOW.  There is a very limited number of spots.  VERY limited.  Think of it as super exclusive.  The form will shut down after the particular number of applicants have filled out the form.  IF you miss the chance, leave me a comment.  I will put you on standby.  PLEASE make sure that your current email address is enabled to your profile, so I may respond to you in a timely manner. 

You can find the form on the "Contact Me" page of my blog. 

Because space is so limited, I do NOT want you to blog about your participation.  Simply fill out the form, and wait to hear back from me.  If you know someone who would love to do this too, send them an email, and direct them to me. 

Signing up, is kind of like signing a confidentiality agreement.  I don't want a ton of these popping up before I've had a chance to enjoy it, and it's uniqueness. 

Hopefully the intrigue alone will get me my necessary number of participants.  What do you say?  Do you trust me???


Evelyn @ Hanging by a Silver Lining said...

100%! Count me in!

Evelyn @ Hanging by a Silver Lining said...

When I tried to fill out the form, the last question wouldn't let me submit with a "yes" so I put in "third choice". I promise I am willing to keep a secret though!

Amy said...

I am intrigued! I have never done a swap before, and would love to start out with this super original, doubly secret one. Though I am very apprehensive. Can't wait to learn details, though.

Amy said...

I also had the problem Evelyn had with the confidentiality question. Also chose third choice, but my lips (and fingers as far as blogging goes are sealed.

aubrey said...

Ha haha... "How much is this going to cost me?" Love it. Sounds like the reaction that I get when I say "So I've been thinking about..."

Count me in. Sending a friend your way...

~Haley~ said...

I'm going to opt out of this one, the swap portion of my brain is FRIED right now! But I can't wait to see/hear what it is! :)

Sarahie said...

I'm holding you and Evelyn responsible for my newfound addiction to swapping! (Thats a good thing, though.). This should be exciting! I'm signed up.

Myya said...

Ok I am going to take the leap of faith. I wanna play!!!! I'll go fill out the form now.

Jennifer said...

I wanna sign up!!! Maybe i'll actually become more active....hmmmmm......

Jennifer said...

I signed up! If I don't quite meet your requirements, put me on standby :P I have faith in you, Sami. It'll be awesome :)

shortmama said...

Im all signed up! Cant wait!

MiMi said...

I want to, but I'm starting to freak out because Jen hasn't got my pkg yet!!!! STUPID USPS hasn't updated their site and she was supposed to get it yesterday at the outside of the timeframe and I'm rambling but I'm starting to hyperventilate and stuff so I will just shut up now. Whew.

Jen said...

Nevermind MiMi... She mailed it on time, I mailed mine a couple days late. I just got lucky I guess. Plus, We Tennesseans had one of our "3 inch blizzards" this week, so I'm sure that is the hold up!

Count me in!

And help me convince Mimi to start opening gifts!!

Emmy said...

All right geek, you got me intrigued. :) putting the baby to bed then signing up

Angel said...

This sounds super interesting! I can't wait to hear what it is!

Shawn said...

Because I love a good mystery...I'm in!

Anonymous said...

Y'all have got me hooked to swaps!! I'm totally in on it!

Mamarazzi said...

OK...if the form is still there i will take it as a sign and jump in.

Erinsgobragh said...

Sigh again I'm gonna have to sit this one out. I hate feeling so left out :(.

Beth said...

OoOooo...I'm interested! Am I too late?