Friday, March 11, 2011

Looks Can be Deceiving...


Originally, I wasn't going to link up this week with Glamazon and Mamarazzi for their Friday Confessional.  Not because I didn't want to, but I am SO far behind on emails and blogs that I had decided to take the day off and get caught up. 


While reading through a few of the emails/comments regarding my VLOG from yesterday, I realized there is a very big confession I must make.

Did you watch it?  If not, scroll down and watch it.  It'll take you just over 3 minutes. 

Did you notice anything?

More specifically, regarding MY FACE???

A "dimple", perhaps?

Well, I must confess that it is NOT a dimple.  It is a scar.

Wanna know how I got it?

Sit back, and I'll tell you a little story...

I was 12.  My chore in the household was laundry. 

I was down in the basement, in the laundry room, tending to my responsibilities, when I heard my older sister, Meg, and my little brother, Bawty, having a fight upstairs.  In our house, fighting was really more of an Olympic event. 
We were all well rehearsed in dramatic brawls, sometimes using only words, and other times wielding weapons of moderate destruction.

I exited the laundry room, and was standing at the foot of the stairs, when Bawty zoomed past me into the basement, jumping the last 4 steps, and maneuvering so as not to run into me and my giant laundry basket.

THEN I heard a scream. 

Not a second later, my face met the impact of the chair Meg had thrown down the stairs...intended for Bawty.

My face was bloodied, and my glasses broke.  The force of the blow was later realized when we found the right lense to my glasses 2 floors up from the location of the accident, in our attic loft.

But I didn't drop the laundry basket!

I missed a week of school because I couldn't open my jaw wide enough to eat food that wasn't mashed or extremely soft. 

As luck would have it, I ended up missing my entire frog dissection in science class!

A few years later, when my high school anatomy teacher complimented my dimple, and informed me that "they're genetic, ya know?", I just laughed, and said..."Sure are!  I got this one from my sister!"

I don't think he got the joke.

Now it's YOUR turn to link up!  Go do it!  NOW!


Amy said...

WOW! Fighting at your house sounds a lot like fighting at my house. And how on earth did your lens make it up two stories? That is incredible.

I have a dimple that came from running into the corner of the table when I was 5 or so. At least they both (yours and mine) healed to look like dimples, and not humongous scars! So scary, and so cute now! Funny how that happens.

aubrey said...

OOOOOOO!!! How have I not heard that story?

OH. MY. GOSH. Throwing chairs? How dead would your kids be if they started throwing furniture at eachother? or my kids for that matter? My mom would have killed everyone involved.

VandyJ said...

My fights with my little brother never involved furniture, no scars were dealt out. We did have some doozies, but nothing on that scale.

J FAM Blog for the Soul said...

that's an amazing story..sounds serious! I wonder what your sister feels about it now......

Date Girl said...

hahah, wow!! so glad you were ok. At least the scar is attractive. It does look like a dimple. I remember leaving a hole in the wall from when I threw a canister of starch at my brother for being mean to me. Luckily he ducked! It went right into the wall and left a huge hole. We both just starred at it in awe. He covered it with a picture. Gotta love how the sibling comradery comes out in times like that.

Amy said...

Hiya, stopping by from Mamarazzi's page!

I never would have guessed your "dimple" was a scar. It's very cute and unique :) I guess the indian rug burns from my brothers weren't so bad after all!

shortmama said...

Wow! It really did look like a natural dimple!

Emmy said...

Holy cow! That does not sound fun at all!

Erinsgobragh said...

I've never had a fight that serious yet. I hope I never do.

Shawn said...

That is a great story and proof that dimples are in fact genetic!

Impulsive Addict said...

Whaaat? I totally thought it was a cute dimple too! Now I need to re-watch it...

MiMi said...

Well, technically you DID get the dimple from your sister!
LOL! That's awesome. You might have noticed my bottom lip is kind of puffy on the left side. That's courtesy of my sister too! I think I was 3?

Myya said...

I TOTALLY thought that was a dimple. I still think you are adorable & I still could watch you all day : )

I have a scar courtesy of my sister too. I was maybe 5 or 7??? She wound me up in a jump rope & pulled... you know so I could spin like the Tasmanian Devil... yeah well I hit the corner of the coffee table or soemthing. LOTS of blood & boy was she in trouble!

Jessica G. said...

Interesting story! I pay special attention to the shape of my eyebrows...not because I'm vain but because there's a scar from a dog attack when I was one year old and it gets rather noticeable. Nothing like people saying "hey! you have a scar there!" Really? Like I wouldn't notice something like that. :)

And guess what else? I'm you Favorite Things swap partner! Woot!

Mamarazzi said...

awesome. seriously awesome. i was going to compliment your dimple and i think i forgot.

man lady your scars sure do tell a story don't they?

Anonymous said...!

sibling fights in your house sound like they were in mine!!

Xazmin said...

Oooh...did your sister get in SO MUCH TROUBLE?

I wanna hear the dirt!