Wednesday, January 19, 2011

One FINE Day

I think school is harder nowadays than it was when I was a kid. 

Like, A LOT harder. 

Of course, this could be because I grew up in a po-dunk little town in Ohio, and my kids are growing up in a po-dunk little town in Texas.  That's what I'll blame it on.

Whatever the difference is, I know that I had no idea as a second grader what the term "research" meant, let alone how to do it!

About a week ago, Sissy's teacher sent home a packet, explaining a research project.

No wait!  This story begins earlier than that, even!  And it began, with a straggler Library book..."Danny and the Dinosaur go to Camp".

I returned the book a couple weeks late, after finding it wedged between Sissy's bed and the wall.  I had no idea how much the fine was going to be, but I had myself prepared for the worst.  Except, a few days later when my friend, Baub, and I returned to the library for Story Time, I didn't owe anything!  I was ecstatic! 

The wind was let out of my sails when another mom informed me that they don't make you pay until you owe more than $5.  Well, okay.  That explains it.

Towards the beginning of November, Baub and I made what would end up being our last trek out to the Library for quite some time.  Eventually, a game of tug of war over the mystery virus, would force a sabbatical from our outings. 

Falling out of my normal routine is what I blame for the fact that my bag full of Library books was a month or more overdue.  We returned the books, and avoided the Library like the plague.  Until Sissy got her research assignment, that is!

Last night, Roon took the kids to the Library to find a book about Babe Ruth, while I went to a meeting for the women at church. 

I returned home to find a less than amused husband. 

"How did it go?"  I asked.

"Well, let's see.  I went to the library first.  Did you know that they don't accept credit cards there?  They don't.  So, I had to go to the store to pick up your prescription, and get cash back.  THEN I had to go BACK to the Library to pay the fine so they would let me check out the book.  And GUESS how much YOUR fine was...!"

"Ummm, I'm guessing it was bad?"



Yes, you read that right.  $35 because I am such an airhead. 


But, on the positive side, tonight I get to learn more about Babe Ruth than I ever cared to know.  Go Me!


Mamarazzi said...

YIKES!! that is B-A-N-A-N-A-S!

Shawn said...

Two words...


Is this where our humor makes our hubbies even more angry? Did you laugh? I so would have!

Again I say...


Jen said...

Wanna feel better? When M & I first got married and were brand new to Nashville we rented VHS movies from the library cuz we were broke. We went ALL the way downtown, not knowing there was a library branch 3 blocks from our apartment. Yeah. we're smart.

Well, M startss working late and this stack of movies gets forgotten... by the time we took them back we owed over $30. Lesson learned, right? Nope. 10 years later I currently avoid the library because again, I owe $20!! (3 books got forgotten in the trunk for a year.) They only take cash here too andd I never have cash.

I mean, seriously.

Macey said...

Well how's this?
My hubs checks out a book from the "NEW" shelf. You can't renew those. So when times up, he isn't done and WILL NOT return it late and just pay the fine. NOPE.
He returns it. He has to wait for 24 hrs before he can check it out again in case someone else wants it.
Guess what. It's a "NEW" book so of course someone else wants it.
He has to wait forever now for the dang book to go through all the reserved's before he can have it back.
All because he didn't want to pay 50 cents in late fees. OY.
Also. In 4th grade here? They do power point presentations. Srsly.

Anonymous said...

I was quite excited to see the title of your post ... and once I started reading and realized it was about school - I was thrilled. You see, I sung that song in our school choir - and you just brought me down that road! First, thanks for that!!

And second - YIKES!!!

Myya said...

So what you are all telling me is that I should not let my kids go past the 1st grade because I will not be able to keep up. ha ha ha.
Oh & OOOOhhhhhh MY GOSH, $35 in late fees... that is REDICULOUS!!!

Shawn said...

For the record your comment window is perfect!

Emmy said...

Yes when you check out a lot of books at once, like we do those fines add up fast. Hey just be glad you weren't at the library having to deal with it :). Smart woman to send your husband there.

Xazmin said...

Hahaha! That is typical for me. I am not even kidding. I shouldn't be allowed to carry a library card. I have never, EVER in the history of my life returned a library book on time. How sad is that?

Anonymous said...

Eeek!! Time to find a new library... oh wait. Small towns are lucky to have even 1! (Yeah- we're in the same boat!)

shortmama said...

Ouch! Im honestly not even sure if our library has fines...surely they must after a certain point. But Im a good doobie and return them...more often then not in the night drop. But its also because I check out 20 or so books at a freakin time for homeschool and I need to return to get more!

Erin said...

I have this issue where I have to own the books I read. I think it's an OCD think I picked up from my Mom. I will not get books from the library, so guess what, broke Brooks hasn't read a new book in over a year! YIKES stupid OCD.